Saturday, 29 December 2007

On Holidays

Just a short note to say I am heading off on holidays to stay here. I won't be back for a week! Yay, I can't wait. I will return with lots of pictures of Christmas, a painting from Natasha, and holidays at the beach.

I can see that I will also have a lot of catching up to do with all your blogs as I have seen so many posts. Have a great New Year everyone and I hope to read about all your New Year's Resolutions when I return!!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Still primping and fluffing

Mad I know, but I can't stop myself from rearranging, painting and covering things! Only 2 days until Christmas and with everything else going on in my life I am still playing with my 'things'. I can't stop. It makes me feel good.

So here are some chairs I made over a while ago, but decided to change the seats. Not sure where I am going to put these, but no doubt I will find somewhere. I am starting to feel like I need a bit of a change in my house. Colour-wise that is. While white and pink will always be a favourite... I think I need to inject a bit of colour and some more 'grown up' things. Not sure where I am heading with this, but I will attack some changes in the New Year when I have had a holiday and can come home and reassess everything.

I bought these jars a while ago, but was not sure what to do with them. For now I have grouped them together. I am sure I will find the perfect solution for them one day!

I know lots of you have blogged in the last fews days and while I have read them I haven't had time to leave comments. Sorry! No one is forgotten, but hopefully I can get to you tonight or tomorrow.

This will be my last post for a while... So Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Baby Priya

Just a couple of quick snaps of my sister's new baby. She is adorable!
I am so needing a new camera! Is it too late to ask Santa???

Thursday, 20 December 2007


Just a quick post..............

Baby Girl has arrived safely! All is well!!!

Priya Sage

Soooo exciting......And on her own birthday too

Thanks for the vibes

Thanks for the vibes girls!! My sister's baby is on it's way. Waters broke but no contractions, so could be a while yet!! It's her birthday today, so how nice is that? I will keep you posted.....

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

5 Days....

The countdown is on.... 5 days until my sister's baby is due (bet you thought I was referring to Christmas and had my days wrong!).

....And the anticipation is killing me. Absolutely killing me. I really hope that baby is here soon. I am heading off for a week over New Year so it had better be here soon.

It's my sister's birthday is tomorrow and that would be so lovely if baby arrived then (also because I am traveling to visit her tomorrow). I would love to be seeing a baby as well! But if not, that's ok as I am going back for 3 days over Christmas so that would be great too. But the baby can't be any later than that. No it can't be. I will not miss it. Well everything has to be about me of course!

So if anyone can send some energy our way and bring that baby on, that would be great!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Preschool Christmas Fun

Tex had fallen over so has a bump in the middle of his forehead!

This is Cruise's last party at preschool as he starts Big School next year. Hooray!! He has 2 days left there next week, then is on holidays until the beginning of February when he starts kindergarten. Cruise will be 6 at the end of February. I was adamant that I was not sending him to school too early and would rather send him when he was just that bit older. I felt it was very important for him to be fully capable to handle school as so much more is expected of them from such an early age. I did not want him to struggle and being a real rough and tumble boy, I knew that it would be difficult to cope with tasks that require concentration. So after having him home this year I can now confidently say I have made the right decision and he is more than ready to go. I know now that he won't struggle. I was given the best education and the best help as a young child and I am determined to give all of that to my children.

Anyway, we had a great night! As you can see Chevy was not happy about Santa and Tex bolted in the other direction when I asked him to hop on Santa's lap! I think it makes a great photo with one missing!! I will always look at this picture and remember how Tex didn't want to cooperate. My mum always says it's a funnier photo when someone is missing!!!

Monday, 10 December 2007

Presents and Holidays

I have given Ange (my best friend) the final part of her present for baby Levi (a few of us put in). It came from the lovely Nikki at Chi Chi La La. Click HERE to see what she made! She is amazing.

3 weeks until we head off for a week down to the beach over New Years. This is what we are staying in! But the funniest part is - see the picture below with the 6 kids (all boys), plus the 2 dads and the mums??? ....Well we are all staying together in the beach house! I know - madness. We will either have a ball, or hate each other by day 3 and be ready to come home.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Some Christmas Fun...

I think these pictures are pretty self explanatory!! The kids made these Christmas biscuits today. Boy, did they test my patience!! They wanted to do everything, and as much as I TRIED to let them, I was glad when it was all over. In saying that though, I think they did a great job decorating (although icing was slopped everywhere and all their fingers are still green!!).

Daddy said he can't wait to get home to try the "green biscuits" so they kids are waiting in anticipation :)