Friday, 31 August 2007


Thanks for all the lovely emails I have been receiving! I am feeling much better today, but have an ugly sore head (again!). Never mind, I will survive it haha!!

Very busy weekend ahead of me with Fathers Day, a 1 year old birthday and 30 people for lunch plus a heaps of kids for a party! Yikes I better get my skates on!!!

Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Just a short one today

I am having my skin cancer cut out tomorrow morning so today I have been busy to make up for the lost day. Got rid of a couple of kids this morning and tried to find a birthday present and Fathers Day present with no success of either! My baby is 1 on the weekend and being the 3rd boy there is not much he needs! I have also baked 4 cakes (am freezing them) as I am making a train cake for his birthday. Much easier to ice them the night before if they are partially frozen. Wish me luck!
Katrina :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Today I have been finishing some projects. Good therapy I say! I have painted this chair and have listed in my eBay store.

I also finished some letters for my nephews. I popped some white paint underneath then painted them in the colours of their rooms (Harro is short for Harrison) and rubbed them back. I think they look great!

Today I am loving these pictures for inspiration....

I really love this idea! How clever - 3 chairs nailed together to create an awesome bench seat!!

I loooove bedheads. This is so easy. Some old shutters and look!!

Ok, this one is definitely something i would have a go at. Tired of floppy pillows? Well here is your answer! So different, but i love it.

I just like the shabbiness of these treasures....

The screen in this picture caught my eye. I have made a couple of screens out of old doors. So very easy! One had a mirror in the center, and another I took the mirror out and put fabric in it's place. I will post pictures of them one day.

Pictures courtesy BHG

Friday, 24 August 2007

Another post already!

These are some pictures of my gorgeous friend Mel's house. She is my biggest Little La La's customer. She is the best! Mel is a busy mum of two, Noah and Isla and is a keen decorator. She is also the best hair dresser too and is always on call to spruce me up! Most of the goodies in these pictures are from Little La La's.

Up too early

I am up early today! Sick children, so I am feeling like a zombie and needed a pick me up! I am searching for inspiration and motivation today so am posting some gorgeous interiors. Over the coming weeks I will be posting some of my favourite ideas, so keep checking in.

Photos courtesy of BHG.

Simple, cosy office space. Just love this pale blue.

I always love looking at pictures with red in them. The pale blue matches fabulously! And shelves don't always have to be at eye level.

I am into these huge memory/photo boards. If you dedicate one area to this idea, you can change it weekly without hammering more nails into your walls.

Simplicity of black and white always gets me!

More red...

Orange usually makes me nervous, but there is something about this boys bedroom that I love!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Posting my Swap off today

I am posting my collection of goodies off today for Shannon's Cotton 'n' Candy swap. Joyce will be getting the surprises! I hope she likes them!!!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Friends, Crawling and the Train

Hi everyone!

Today is a beautiful sunny day here in Wagga Wagga. I have been at my most bestest friends house, Ange, who started Little La La's with me a few years ago. We met in our pre-natal classes almost 6 years ago and have been glued to each other every since haha! She is having her 4th bubba in early November and trying to get her mansion of a house built beforehand! Yes, and i know you will be reading this Ange, but seriously with 6 bedrooms and 3 lounge rooms, you cannot argue that the house is not a mansion!!! But that's Ange - never one to brag or be over the top. Gotta love her for this. Anyway, we chatted on for ages as we haven't seen each other for weeks as her family have all been very sick. I feel refreshed now as I had been having withdrawals! Of course, I have always been the one that organises her life and she has always let me do it! So now I have bossed her around a bit and told her she needs to start packing - with my help of course!! Hopefully she is in the house in time and doesn't go into early labour (the Dr has told her to slow down or else!). Oh well, it just means her hubby will have to take over. As we always say to the men when they complain... "welcome to my world"!! Haha.

On Saturday, my baby FINALLY started to crawl (he is ONE in 2 weeks!). So I have been madly videoing and taking pics.

Chevy ..

After quite a few drinks with our neighbours on Saturday night here at our house, I felt like I had to get out, so yesterday we travelled to a town about half an hour away, so my husband and the boys could catch the XPT back home. This was so exciting for the kids as they had never been on a train! You wouldn't believe it, but the batteries in my camera were flat (from taking photos of the crawling), so I will have to muck around with my digital videoing and try to get some still shots out of it. Need to scrapbook this event!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Thank you

Thank you to all of the lovely blogging gals that emailed me or left messages on my blog about my nasty skin cancer. I appreciate it! It is comforting to know that people who don't even really know me are compassionate and caring about lil ole me!!! Blogging has definitely made me think outside of my little sheltered world and has opened up some lovely friendships. So, thank you again!!

I am having a little snooze in day surgery next week so a lovely doctor can take some more of my skin and then stitch me up again. Then they will biopsy that, and hopefully it will be all gone! Lucky I don't have any modeling contracts on the go hahahaha!!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Wear Sunscreen and My house is a mess!

Note added Wednesday 15th- results of this nasty spot came back not good. I am now seeing another Dr and will be having a huge part of my forehead chopped out. Ouch!!
Lesson is - check your skin!!

I know that this picture is not the prettiest, but look at what I had done to my face!!! I have 3 stitches in that spot right in the middle of my head. And that wasn't it!!! I had another 4 burnt off my face. I am only just 30 and loved the sun as a kid. I stopped all the sun baking and things years ago, but look what can happen....
My 5 year olds hat is glued to his head now as the stitches gave him a fright. I said, look what has happened to mummy. He asked did it hurt? I said absolutely! I am getting worse as I get older and tend to faint at anything these days. With 1 natural labour, 2
caesareans and a lifetime of another yucky illness, you would like I could handle a few stitches! What a sook I am haha.

On to more fun things... Look at the state of my house! I have been madly scrapping and can't seem to finish any pages with the kids asking for things all day, so here it stays in a mess. Oh well, at least it will all be worth it!!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

See something you like?

New items to Little La La’s!

Email me at if you see something you like. I have so many goodies at the moment, so please feel free to ask me about anything you may see.