Monday, 30 July 2007

Painting Mojo

The first 2 pics are the cuppies I ordered from the lovely Shannon. This is my second order in about 3 weeks as the first lot I received sold in days! She is very clever and I just love them. Thanks Shannon!

I haven’t painted anything in so long as I have been too overwhelmed with everything else going on in my life. But over the last couple of weeks I have found my “Painting Mojo” and am back in the groove. Below are the pics of my office/kids Xbox room (yummy creamy white and a splash of aqua). I like to monitor the kids on the Xbox and because I spend lots of time on the computer, we can all be together this way “playing”. The photos don't really show the room as a whole, but you get the idea!

Also there are a couple of pics of a little chest I have done up in red. This goes in my formal lounge room which I did in red, black and white. This is my more serious and modern side coming out. I love this room as it is different from my usual pinks and blues.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

From this .... to this

My boys went camping on the weekend, so i finally got around to doing a few little jobs! My baby stayed at home with me, and my toddler went for Saturday and Sunday during the daytime (they were only 1/2hr away so I met them half way). Gee was it nice to have some peace! They go with a big group, all boys! They ride motorbikes (apparently my 5 year old can now ride a 2-wheeler, scary!!), fish, 4WD and drink lots of beer I think. Mind you, they do it all in style with a generator and tv to watch the Swannies. They wouldn't even contemplate going if it meant missing their beloved Swannies (sorry Natasha I know you going to laugh!!).

So, I painted this little cupboard that I have had for ages (I bought it in anticipation of having a girl one day, but it has now ended up in my entry). I think it looks very cute. Now what else can I paint........

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Rearranging .........again!!

Ok, yes I have rearranged things again. I know you will all understand this! I used to think that maybe it was a bad trait to have - the need to move things on a weekly basis. I thought I may have inherited this from my parents, who moved us very couple of years as kids (my Dad was a Bank Manager and this was part of his job). However, I think I have come to understand it more as a need to be creative. I sometimes feel very restless and I think moving things calms me down!! Call it a good stress reliever!! I also find vacuuming very calming haha. Mad I know! I do like to paint things or scrapbook as a way of being creative, but have found less time for these things lately, so I think moving things fills that need!!! Anyway, I wasn't happy with where I had put my new table, so I had to rearrange the whole room!! And then because my Texy had gone into a big bed, this made me rearrange my eldest's (Cruise) bedroom. THEN because I got a new doona cover for my birthday.... bet you can guess what I did? Arrggg I am puffed!

Monday, 16 July 2007

2 posts in a row

This is my yummy husband above at my birthday celebration.

These are my school friends above.These are my bestest gal pals - Mel on the left and Ange on the right.
This is my bro and his girlfriend.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Newest Addition

Jump over to my eBay store or my shop to see these goodies!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

A new decade!!

Haha, sounds a bit funny, but I am turning 30 on the weekend!! Who would have thought that at age 30 I would have 3 boys and my family is complete?!!

I feel like I have been pregnant and feeding for the last 6 years, so this Saturday, it's time to party! With the new outfit (trying to look 20 not 30 LOL), we are are hitting the town. Well dinner anyway!! All my family and friends are coming and some of my old school friends.

Isn't it funny how things move in circles? I attended boarding school hrs from where I now live, but 3 of my close freinds have all moved to this area! Strange, but great to see them all the time.

Anyway, I may be very lethargic next week as I have lots of people staying here over the weekend. Haha!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Big Bed! Big Boy!

Out with the old and in with the new.

We put our little man, Tex, into a big bed today. These are some pics. He has happily hoped in there for his day sleep and is sound asleep. Time will tell though...haha. I could have a night of getting up and down!