Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Happy Birthday to hubby!

Happy Birthday to my husband for tomorrow! The kids are so excited. I took my eldest shopping today to help me pick some pressies, but he spent the whole time angry at me. We have been looking for a particular Lightening McQueen supercharged car 'Chick' and every time we go somewhere we look for one (I could get one from ebay, but every time I think of it, he has been too naughty to get it!). However, seeing as we can't find one, he whinges about getting a different one - we now have a blue Mater, DJ, Wingo, Mr King, Sherrif, Sally and the list goes on!!!! When I put my foot down today for Ramone he almost threw the biggest tantrum!!! I said no because he would get that car, then still ask for Chick in a couple of days and the cycle continues!!! I have never seen him so grumpy in public. He had tears in his eyes, kept telling me he was "very very angry" with me and wouldn't walk near me. I just kept saying "well that's ok if you are angry, but I still love you". Nearly broke my heart, but where do you draw the line??? Every time we go somewhere are we supposed to buy them things??? Oh the fun.....

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Katrina's 'Day Job'!

This is my 'day job' - selling a real estate magazine for my husband and his business in our region. We design, publish and print it. Click here to see!

Sunday, 6 May 2007

This is Ange's Family - More pics! Very cute..

This is little Indi Grace. Can't believe Ange got her to sit still for this pic haha!
Ange's Three Terrors.
How sweet and innocent do they look? :)
Indi nearly 3, Milla 5, & Reuben (Reubs) 16 months.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Husband's Baby . . .

This is my husbands new machine and new factory for his printery. How excited do you think he is?? Ha Ha. We are expanding and moving to a great big factory and this is his new 5 colour press. Won't see him now!!!

Ange's babies (well 2 of them!)

This is baby Reuben, 16 months. Indi (no photo on here yet!) is almost 3. And then, Ange is pregnant with bubby number 4 (12 weeks)! Very exciting :)
This is Milla, 5, at the farm.

Happy Mothers Day!

We have so many goregous items in our store for your Mum! Or even better - buy it for yourself as a treat. Here are a few examples.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Katrina's Babies

Tex 2, Chevy 7 months, Cruise 5.
This is Cruise (around Xmas time), almost 5, and Chevy, 4 months.

This is Tex on his 2nd birthday recently. Next to him is my big boy, Cruise, 5.

This is my baby, Chevy, learning to sit. I think he is gorgeous.