Monday, 31 March 2008

Texy Boy's Birthday

My little man Tex was 3 today. He is adorable and such a little character. He knows way too much for his age! Anyway, we had such a fun day. Here are some pictures....

We always open the presents on our bed in the morning.

Birthday cake.

Chevy and his girlfriend PIPER

This is my bestie Ange. She won't look at the camera. Yes Natasha I tried my hardest (and that's Levi with her)!!!

New shoes.

This remote controlled digger was a winner!

Baby Chevy eating.

Long story with the cake! I usually make it, but this year was a total flop as we are moving and I ruined the first attempt, so donuts were it this year!!!

My sister (Amie) will hate me for putting this on here! She was showing off and I was cracking up. How fabulous is she?? Her baby Priya is only 14 weeks old! We hate her :)

The boxes are piling up for the big move on Saturday!


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh wow Katrina that is a quick move. Great idea for a donut birthday cake. Tex looks such a sweetheart.Chevy and his sweetheart are too too cute.
No wonder you all'hate' Amie just look at her after only 14 weeks!!!!
Hope the move goes well

Natasha Burns said...

love the pics Katrina! lol tell Ange she's a spoil sport : )
Aren't all the kiddies gorgeous, and hope Tex had a great day, looks like he did. Wow so that is Priya's mum? No wonder you all hate her, looking so good with such a young baby!

Simply Me Art said...

Happy Birthday Tex! Everyone looks like they had a Fantastic time. I like the opening of the gifts in bed, my kids would Love that Idea. Your Sis looks amazing after just have a baby 14 weeks ago Wow... Have a wonderful week. Jamie

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Hi Katrina,
Loved all your pictures today. Your sister is going to kill you though, how funny! I can remember one year when my daughter had her
4th birthday(20 years ago) and I decided to make my first cake from scratch. Well it flopped so at the last minute, I went out and got donuts made a pyramid with candles on top and wala, instant cake. The kids loved it, thought it was great and it brings back a great memory. Happy Birthday to your big guy.

LeAnn :)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Tex!
What a great idea to use donuts for the cake, wow doesn't your sister look great after just having a baby, I see why you all hate her LOL. Looks like Tex and the kids had loads of fun, my boys would also like the remote digger.
Cheers Linda

Sue said...

Hi Katrina, love the photos!Your move has crept up so quickly, good luck with it all,

Lisa said...

Adorable pictures and congrats to the birthday boy!

Good luck on the move.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Your moving from that wonderful kitchen. I'm sure wherever you go you will put your mark on it and it will look great. Your sis looks great! That is a sweet tradition to open presents on your bed and I love the blue donuts. They look like a birthday party!

The Rose Room said...

Precious, dear sweet children. Your boys are gorgeous:) Rachael

Peta said...

Happy Birthday Tex! Piper is a cutie :) Someone there has the same mobile phone as me, the pretty pink LG one :)

BritGal' Sarah said...

LOL Katrina, I was so impressed with cake and then I read what happened - it looked like a really original cake to me!

Love Chevy's adorable hair too. Great happy piccies :-)

Felicia said...

Happy Birthday to him :)

Gail McCormack said...

Happy birthday Tex!! Love the donuts as an alternative, I did similar for Ellie's birthday hee hee...lazy me, no one cared though! The main thing is we all had fun just like you lot, Piper is a good catch by the looks of things. The boxes are looking serious now Katrina, keep em coming girl!

Linda said...

Hi Katrina,
I have just tagged you for a 6 word memoir if you would like to play along. Instructions are on my blog.
Cheers Linda