Saturday, 19 January 2008

Not good

My sister-in-law's brother and his wife have had a critically ill baby this week. Things are very touch and go. Baby Lucy is very tiny and very very sick. A battle begins and emotions are overwhelming. Telstra Child Flight have taken the little one to Sydney for the best possible care.



Oh Katrina my heart breaks for you all. I will have baby Lucy in my prayers. You know these hospitals are amazing now...the things they can do...its really so incredible. Lets hope she is a little fighter hey !
Please please keep us updated and know we are all thinking of you and your families and sending the most blessed of prayers.

Lots of Love
Shann xo

Anonymous said...

Oh Katrina,
My thoughts are with you & baby Lucy's parents. She is in the best possible care with those amazing angels (Dr's) at the Childrens Hospital. I am sure all will be OK. My prayers & thoughs are with you all.
Love & Hugs,
Sarah xx

the feathered nest said...

Katrina, I'm so sorry y'all have to go through this. I'm sure she will come through this just fine. I will add that precious one to my prayers!


Anonymous said...

Baby Lucy is in a safe place and all our prayers and thought's are with you all. Godbless to you all. Feel a warm sqishy hug coming right from me!!I have given you an award also!! & It's so true! Hugs mandii

Gail McCormack said...

Oh Katrina, my thoughts and prayers are with little baby Lucy, what a terrifying ordeal, makes you count your own blessings doesn't it. Keep us posted

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Katrina, how sad.
We all are hoping for the best for sweet baby Lucy.
No doubt your sister Amie is counting her blessings with her little baby Priya.

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Katrina, I hope things are going better for the little one.
On a lighter note I have tagged you with a fun meme tag. Come on over & check it out.


Hi Katrina, our prayers go with baby Lucy & her family. I'm guessing that she is at Westmead Children's Hospital? If so, she couldn't be in a better place right now. Please keep us posted.
Blessings, Coll :-}

Sue said...

They have the best care , and will look after her extrememely well...keep us updated pleze,